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Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scopes

Specifically designed for the American hunter, the Zeiss Conquest MC rifle scope line is high performance, light weight, compact, and top quality. The redesigned optical system uses premium Zeiss glass for outstanding optical performance. The entire line has a long eye reliefs, wide field of view, and maximum light transmission values. Zeiss Rifle Scope quality at affordable prices!
Item NumberScopeReticleFinishOur PriceAdd to Cart
5254019906Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 1.2-5x36#6 ReticleGun Metal$949.99Add to Cart
5254059960Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 1.2-5x36Illuminated #60Gun Metal$1,249.99Add to Cart
5254119906Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 2-8x42Reticle #6Gun Metal$999.99Add to Cart
5254159960Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 2-8x42Illuminated #60Gun Metal$1,299.99Add to Cart
5254219906Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 3-12x56Reticle #6Gun Metal$1,049.99Add to Cart
5254259960Zeiss Conquest Duralyt 3-12x56Illuminated #60Gun Metal$1,349.99Add to Cart
Zeiss Victory Diavari Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Victory Diavari Rifle Scopes

The Zeiss Rifle Scopes Diavari Victoryís are the very finest of the Carl Zeiss Rifle Scopes product line. The Victory scopes utilize state-of-the-art optical designs and lens quality that meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding shooter and hunter. These scopes are light and bright, very compact and deliver a low light performance thatís truly amazing. If one of these Zeiss Rifle Scopes is within your budget get ready to fall in love!
Item NumberScopeReticleFinishOur PriceAdd to Cart
5217119908Zeiss Victory Diavari 1.5-6x42#8 ReticleMatte$1,699.99Add to Cart
5217119904Zeiss Victory Diavari 1.5-6x42 T*#4 ReticleMatte$1,699.99Add to Cart
5217219908Zeiss Victory Diavari 2.5-10x42#8 ReticleMatte$1,799.99Add to Cart
5217319908Zeiss Victory Diavari 2.5-10x50#8 ReticleMatte$1,799.99Add to Cart
5217339960Zeiss Victory Diavari 2.5-10x50 T*Illuminated #60Matte$2,249.99Add to Cart
5217419904Zeiss Victory Diavari 3-12x56 T*#4 ReticleMatte$1,999.99Add to Cart
5215459920Zeiss Victory Diavari 3-12x56 T*Z PlexMatte$1,999.99Add to Cart
5217439960Zeiss Victory Diavari 3-12x56 T*60 Illuminated ReticleMatte$2,399.99Add to Cart
5217779920Zeiss Victory Diavari 4-16x50 T* FLZ-PlexMatte$2,499.99Add to Cart
5217779972Zeiss Victory Diavari 4-16x50 T* FLRapid Z 800Matte$2,499.99Add to Cart
5217799960Zeiss Victory Diavari 4-16x50 T* FLIlluminated #60Matte$2,749.99Add to Cart
5217749943Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL#43 Mil DotMatte$2,799.99Add to Cart
5217749973Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FLRapid Z 1000Matte$2,799.99Add to Cart
5217759940Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72#40 Illuminated ReticleMatte$3,999.99Add to Cart
5217749975Zeiss Diavari Victory 6-24x56 T* FLRapid Z VarmintMatte$2,799.99Add to Cart
5217739943Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FLMil DotMatte$2,999.99Add to Cart
Item NumberScopeReticleFinishOur PriceAdd to Cart
5227219920Zeiss Terra 2-7x32PlexMatte$349.99Add to Cart
5527019920Zeiss Terra 3-9x42PlexMatte$399.99Add to Cart
5227019979Zeiss Terra 3-9x42RZ6Matte$449.99Add to Cart
5227119920Zeiss Terra 4-12x42PlexMatte$449.99Add to Cart
5227119979Zeiss Terra 4-12x42RZ8Matte$499.99Add to Cart
Item NumberScopeReticleFinishOur PriceAdd to Cart
5217879971Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5-10x50Rapid Z 600Matte$3,999.99Add to Cart
5217879972Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5-10x50Rapid Z 800Matte$3,999.99Add to Cart
5217979971Zeiss Victory Diarange 3-12x56RapidZ 600Matte$3,999.99Add to Cart
5217979972Zeiss Victory Diarange 3-12x56RapidZ 800Matte$3,999.99Add to Cart
Item NumberScopeReticleFinishOur PriceAdd to Cart
521767Zeiss Z-Point Red Dot - WRed Dot Black $599.99Add to Cart
521766Zeiss Z Point Reflex Site - PRed Dot Black $599.99Add to Cart
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